Publications & Presentations

Date Title Paper Poster
March 2018 Health Care Personnel and Influenza-like Illnesses: "Presenteeism" paper thumbnail  
Jan. 2018 Pediatric Asymptomatic C. difficile carriage paper thumbnail  
Dec. 2017 Asymptomatic C. difficile Carriage paper thumbnail poster thumbnail
Sept. 2017 Pediatric Influenza paper thumbnail  
May 2017 Aging for Persons Living with HIV   poster thumbnail
March 2017 Injection Drug Use and Infectious Disease Practice paper thumbnail poster thumbnail
Jan. 2017 Pediatric Management of S. aureus Bacteremia paper thumbnail  
Jan. 2017 Management of S. aureus Bacteremia paper thumbnail poster thumbnail
Nov. 2016 Diagnostic Testing for RSV in Adults paper thumbnail  
Sept. 2016 PCP Prophylaxis in Patients with Rheumatologic Disorders Treated with Immunosuppressive Therapies paper thumbnail  

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