Publications & Presentations

Date Title Paper Poster
June 2016 Detection of Azole-Resistant Aspergillus fumigatus and Implications for Patient Treatment paper thumbnail  
March 2016 Antimicrobial Drug Shortages 2016 paper thumbnail  
Feb. 2016 HIV and Primary Care paper thumbnail poster thumbnail
Dec. 2015 Management of vancomycin MIC creep in MRSA infections paper thumbnail poster thumbnail
Dec. 2015 Pediatric Tuberculosis Infection paper thumbnail  
Oct. 2015 Antibiotic Allergy Practices paper thumbnail  
June 2015 Bridging Gaps Between Infectious Disease Physicians and the Public Health Community paper thumbnail  
April 2015 Quick Query: Endoscope Decontamination paper thumbnail  
Feb. 2015 Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device (CIED) Infections paper thumbnail poster thumbnail
Nov. 2014 Ebolal Virus Disease Preparedness in North American Hospitals paper thumbnail  
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